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I am super excited to be featured in the premier issue of Hello Kitty Fashion along with other Hello Kitty fans around
the world!
Maria of HelloKittyJunkie, Sheena of Hello Kitty Limted, Emily of House of Kitty, Kari from Scotland and
Alessandra from London. Click on the images to view them larger. Hope you enjoy them :)
Hello Kitty Fashion

Hello Kitty's got style, originality and
attitude and she's bringing it all to her
latest magazine. Hello Kitty Fashion is a
quarterly 80 page publication, which will
hit newstands in the UK in July. The
magazine, which is aimed predominantly
at teenage girls and the older Hello Kitty
fan, aims to bring its readers a fresh and
exciting take on the teenage glossy mag.
Hello Kitty Fashion is bursting with cool
content, including top tips on how to
create different Harajuku styles, an
exclusive interview with Yuko Yamaguchi
(Head designer at Hello Kitty HQ), loads
of fab fashion and beauty tips and tons of
cool Hello Kitty related content.