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Charming - Bag charm..
Pinky - Betsey Johnson x Kitty pouch.
Kitty Fan book - Tote.
Nippon VOGUE - Charm.
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Seventeen - Album.
COMO - Mirror.
Charming - Hairtie.
Memorial Goods - vintage style..
DHC - pillcase..
Glamorous - Mirror..
Shiseido - Mini plushies.
Charming - Bracelet.
Cosmetic pouch.
Evian charms.
Evian charms.
Goodchen bag.
Goodchen bag.
Goodchen bag.
Kelloggs toys.
Liverty mook.
Holland Kitty postcard & brochure.
Hello Kitty fan book - HbG tote.
Melon mag - strap.
Chocolate rain x Kitty.
Mug with jam purchase.